EyeQ4-230x300March 4, 2015 - Mobileye N.V. (NYSE: MBLY), the global leader in the design and development of camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to the automotive industry, introduced its 4th generation system-on-chip, the EyeQ4®.

Leveraging expertise in designing computer-vision specific cores for over 15 years, the EyeQ4® consists of 14 computing cores out of which 10 are specialized vector accelerators with extremely high utilization for visual processing and understanding. The first design win for EyeQ4® in series production has been secured for a global premium European car manufacturer for production to start in early 2018. The EyeQ4® would be part of a scalable camera system starting from monocular processing for collision avoidance applications, in compliance with EU NCAP, US NHSTA and other regulatory requirements, up to trifocal camera configuration supporting high-end customer functions including semi-autonomous driving. The EyeQ4® would support fusion with radars and scanning-beam lasers in the high-end customer functions.

“Supporting a camera centric approach for autonomous driving is essential as the camera provides the richest source of information at the lowest cost package. To reach affordable high-end functionality for autonomous driving requires a computing infrastructure capable of processing many cameras simultaneously while extracting from each camera high-level meaning such as location of multiple types of objects, lanes and drivable path information” said Prof. Amnon Shashua, cofounder, CTO and Chairman of Mobileye.

The enhanced computational capabilities give EyeQ4®-based ADAS the ability to use cutting-edge computer vision algorithms like Deep Layered Networks and Graphical Models while processing information from 8 cameras simultaneously at 36 frames per second.

The design was done according to the ISO-26262 standard and will provide a safety level of ASIL-B(D). The EyeQ4® will accept multiple camera inputs from a trifocal front-sensing camera configuration, surround-view-systems of four wide field of view cameras, a long range rear-facing camera and information from multiple radars and scanning beam lasers scanners. Taken together, the EyeQ4® will be processing a safety “cocoon” around the vehicle – essential for autonomous driving.

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