The publisher of embedded software for the automotive Elektrobit subsidiary since recent months of  Continental,  has collaborated with Nvidia and Infineon  to develop a turnkey solution designed to facilitate the work of aid systems for advanced developers (ADAS), providing the highest levels of functional safety.

While itis built around the platform calculation for autonomous cars Drive PX Nvidia,the solution is supposed to provide computing power and intelligence needed to manage increased complexity that is autonomous driving. According Elektrobit, ADAS applications developed with this platform will allow a vehicle not only to detect but also to interpret its immediate environment and communicate information to the driver, other critical systems within the vehicle, and other vehicles nearby and to the cloud.

Beyond the physical brick made by Nvidia, also found in the solution of Elektrobit EB Software Suite supports AUTOSAR 4.x tresos Editor (see illustration below), optimized to run on processors Tegra X1 and 32-bit microcontroller Infineon Aurix. According Elektrobit, it offers high processing performance in real time and integrates safety and security features that make it a suitable tool for ADAS applications. In detail, the Drive PX platform accepts video signals from up to 12 different high resolution board cameras and can process up to 1.3 billion pixels per second

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