Volvo is getting ready to provide safe mobility in a 2017 test program for completely distracted driving on a 30 mile ring road in Gothenberg, Sweden. This movie explains what happens if the driver's attention cannot be gained.

The video describes the technology solution Volvo Cars has choosen to their autonomous test fleet within the Drive Me project. The video consists of running footage of a Drive Me test car and animations of the different sensors and functionalities. With voiceover.

Drive Me is a unique large-scale autonomous driving pilot project in which 100 self-driving Volvo cars will be put to use on public roads under everyday driving conditions. The cars will be driven autonomously on approximately 50 kilometers of selected roads in and around Gothenburg, Sweden – roads which will be typical commuter arteries including motorway conditions and frequent queues.

The project was initiated in 2013. The first test vehicles have been on the road in Gothenburg since 2014 – and Volvo Cars has recently taken a major leap forward by presenting a complete system solution for self-driving cars. The public pilot is scheduled to start in 2017.