Although ntuition let people presume that risk of accident may be correlated to driving style, NEXYAD could demonstrate that this is wrong : 
There are quiet but dangerous drivers, and there are brutal but safe drivers.

The module SafetyNex, developed by the company NEXYAD shows how it really works, and this module is the ultimate telematics solution (connected car) for onboard road safety estimation. Available on smartphones, second market electronic devices, and first market electronic devices.

Examples of mappings Safety x Eco-driving (those examples clearly show that the two estimators are statistically independant) : a professional pilot drove 4 times on the same road and did it in 4 calibrated driving styles. Following mappings show that safetyNex gives exactly th good result and doesn't shaw any correlation between "cool/brutal driving style" (that is a matter of Eco-Driving) and "Road Safety" (that is a matter of risk taken into account the context : kind of road, danger of the infrastructure in front of the car, weather condition, driver state, etc ...).

Bad Driver - SafetyNex
This mapping shows that the driver is often dangerous and waste (not Eco) at the same time


 Good Driver - SafetyNex
This mapping shows that the driver is safe and Eco at the same time

 Quiet Dangerous Driver

sportive driver
This mapping shows that the driver is safe most of the time but often waste (non Eco)

SafetyNex is a module that runs on PC, on smartphone, on aftermarket electronic devices (telematics) and on first market devices.
It may be used by Insurance Companies and Automotive Companies for several applications that involve monitoting of the driving task.

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