a validation database for artificial vision-based ADAS, soon available for free on the internet

The French High-Tech SME NEXYAD (http://www.nexyad.com/Automotive-Transportation) is currently recording images, signals, and data to build a validation database for ADAS.

Indeed, ADAS validation is a very complex task as the number of road situations is quite infinite. And the camera is a very special sensor in the sense that an image of a regular camera (8 bits per color, then 24 bits, and 2 million pixels - regular HD format) can paste more than 65 000 power 2 million different images. And you never know what may be pasted on the sensor (dust, mud, spider, smashed fly, road scene, picture painted on the back of a bus - last ads for a movie with dinausorus, etc ...). So testing the algorithms on 1 million kilometers is nonsense.

NEXYAD showed (scientific papers) that the methodology AGENDA (French acronym for Approche Générale des Etudes Neuronales pour le Développement d'Application), originally designed for artificial neural networks applications, can be applied to specify tests (as the problem of database specification is the same).

NEXYAD is currently capturing road scenes, following AGENDA analysis and a part of this database will be soon available for free on the internet : THE ultimate reference for artificial vision-based adas.

Soon every searcher in the world will access this database whithin one click. Benchmarks will be easier.

Nexyad Database

To know more and register (then receive the link when available) : http://www.nexyad.com/Automotive-Transportation