Conti survey: consumers want automated driving

But technologies must be proven first

Consumers like the idea of automated driving functions but opinions are divided on which would be most beneficial and what they should cost – these are some of the findings of a global survey of almost 5,000 people carried out by Tier One Continental.

Many in the industry expect highly automated or fully autonomous driving on public roads by 2025 but consumers must trust in the technology – and be ready to use it – if these developments are to prove successful.

Conti's head of advanced development for electronics, Christian Senger, said: “Experience with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) has a positive effect on the way people view automated driving. People who have themselves had a chance to experience how reliably emergency brake assist functions in in their own cars don't question the basic feasibility of automated driving.”

"The needs of motorists worldwide are a perfect match for the development possibilities in the upcoming years. This is because partially automated vehicles will begin by gaining the ability to navigate through roadwork and traffic jams on the freeway; next in line will be the ability to park on their own in parking garages," said Conti chairman Dr Elmar Degenhart.

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