Could cameras replace mirrors on school buses?

What will the future school bus look like? 

I was pondering this while doing blind spot training with a driver and came up with the idea of removing the mirrors and replacing them with cameras and LCD screens, which would do even more to reduce blind spots. Thinking I had the million-dollar idea to retire with, I showed a few people some examples of how it would work and asked their opinion. 

When I started my research, once again I found out I am a "day late, dollar short" kind of guy. There is an organization in Florida, Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida, that is researching adding cameras to transit buses. In its research, the organization found that camera-based systems have the potential to significantly reduce or eliminate mirror blind zones, which could reduce transit bus side collisions. 

In addition, there are several car companies looking at removing mirrors, with Tesla being in the lead, by petitioning the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to let themremove the side mirrors and replace them with cameras

Don West considers placing cameras in bus bumpers and mounting LCD screens to the window posts and eliminating cat-eye mirrors to give the driver a forward view, instead of looking at a curved reverse view mirror. 

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