June NEXYAD Newsletter issue : SafetyNex leading actor of ADAS safety

See on this newsletter the CEO of NEXYAD on a major French TV (BFM TV) interviewed with the CEO of
BMW Group France (talking about the BMW Tech Date)

 NEXYAD has been selected by BMW for their module SafetyNex now available on smartphones (Android).

SafetyNex is a real time onboard risk assessment module.

Yet deployed by insurance companies !

SafetyNex may save driver's life.

SafetyNex helps insurance companies to do their pricing knowing how much risk the driver really takes

SafetyNex will monitor artificial intelligence of driverless cars to measure the risk it takes !

NEXYAD is member of MOV'EO Groupement ADAS.

Read the Newsletter : http://nexyad.net/Automotive-Transportation/?p=2274