The role of HERE in developing ADAS and other automotive standards

HERE has always understood that a map is not simply a navigational tool. Back in the late 1990s, the team could see its potential above and beyond the map’s traditional remit. Take, for example, its use as a sensor in cars.


Dietmar Rabel, senior product manager in the automated driving side at HERE, told us: “We created a patent in 1999 for what we call ‘Electronic Horizon’ which allows cars to ‘see around the corner’ – basically the car can adapt cruise control or be more fuel efficient based on road attributes included in a map.”

Creating automotive standards

Once ‘Electronic Horizon’ had been created, HERE thought it wise to get the auto industry to create or adopt a standard so that this kind of tech could penetrate the market.

“We invited and met with all the key people of the industry, from major automotive OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to competitors such as TeleAtlas (now fully owned by TomTom),” says Dietmar.

From this an open forum emerged called ADASIS (ADAS Interface Specification), which continues to meet and will next be taking place on the 10th and 11th June in Berlin.

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