Toyota, Tesla or Google: who's spending the most on artificial intelligence in the car industry?


Which businesses are investing in artificial intelligence? Read how artificial intelligence will change the car industry, and other sectors, as we know it.


Toyota has put $1 billion (£663 million) aside for a Silicon Valley artificial intelligence and robotics research unit to further its driverless car technologies, but is it enough to take Elon Musk's crown as the biggest tech spender in the car industry?

The Japanese carmaker's new facilities will open January next year, with 200 employees based across two locations - MIT University and Silicon Valley..

Driverless car Google

It's hoping to discover new materials and methods for manufacturing cars more efficiently, as well as creating safer, more accessible car technologies with the help of some of the brightest computing scientists in the world led by a former DARPA employee, Dr Gill Pratt.

The news will be certain to get Elon Musk’s attention. His electric car company Tesla already uses machine learning for its auto-pilot and lane changing features and is rapidly patenting any breakthroughs so his peers can't catch up. 

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