SafetyNex for insurance companies


. SafetyNex is a Smartphone road safety App that works like a true digital co-pilot : warning the driver when approaching a dangerous area,once the excessive speed of the vehicle clearly shows that the driver did not notice the danger. SafetyNex records for insurers profiles of risk and usage.


. Insurance Companies can use SafetyNex for several purposes :


- Increase operating margin of the insurer

SafetyNex can prevent 20% of road accidents according studies published in Great Britain and the USA. If the insurance company deploys SafetyNex

with np premiums change : it offers a tool to its policyholders perceived as useful, and it decreases the accident of 20%. Moreover, accidents that

may not be avoided come statistically slower (because the driver is warned and has time to slow down), the loss ratio is lower. This

applies to all drivers, including young drivers that are costly to insurers.


- Pay as you drive: usages are plotted (km traveled, type of infra City / Highway / Highway, time slots, etc ...) allowing to offer per-use rates.


- Pay how you drive: the risk taken by the driver is measured, and allows the insurer to adjust its client segmentation and its prices if it wants to offer rates

  modulated by the risk.


- Ecological bonus: SafetyNex incorporates an optional eco-driving scoring system that is inversely proportional to the brutality of driving.


- Prevention: the risk profiles can be crossed with class of risk (inappropriate speed cornering, on crossing over pedestrian zones, etc ...) so it is possible

  to provide sensitization, courses, and targeted training on a population.


- Silver coaching: risk monitoring among time may help to detect a decline in driving ability for seniors. In such a case, the insurer may act to help its customers to lower their risk while staying as long as possible a driver.




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