Visit NEXYAD on the BMW booth at Mondial de l'Auto in Paris / Visitez NEXYAD sur le stand BMW au mondial de l'auto


----------------------->    Le 5 Octobre 2016 / 2016 October 5th !!!    <--------------


If you want an invitation, please contact NEXYAD :

For press, reception is from 12:00 to 2:00 pm

NEXYAD will present their SafetyNex App that completely changes the world of automotive, as it reduces by 20% road accident rate (reference :   ), a real innovation coming from the French startup.
SafetyNex is the only onboard risk assessment system that warns the driver BEFORE danger (reducing accident rate by 20%), and that provides risk profiles and usage profiles for car insurance.

SafetyNex is available as a smartphone App.
SafetyNex will be soon available as an add-on software for aftermarket telematics devices
SafetyNex will be available in some new cars (already validated on the electronic architecture of a tier one company).

SafetyNex brings a real value to :
. the driver (as it reduces accident rate by 20%, it may save his/her life)
. car manufacturer (if a car runs SafetyNex, then this car is safer)
. car insurance company : reducing the accident rate without moving prices, or pay as you drive, or pay how you drive,
  of prevention (training courses focused on the kind of risk is actually taken by a groupe of drivers), or even
  silver coaching (helping senior drivers to stay drivers as long as possible without risk)
. fleet manager : reducing accident rate by 20% it lower the price of "self insured" fleet, and by measuring the
  individual risk it also helps to control it.
. distribution companies : if they "reward good drivers" then they help the society to improve safety while 

  they lower their customer acquisition price (NUDGE theory)

SafetyNex (by NEXYAD) was selected by BMW during the BMW Tech Date.

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