More than 60 participants to the ADAS MORNING (2016 Oct 18) in Paris

It's been a very nice presentation of Road Safety Issues :

. people (statistics of accident, death, ...)
. insurance companies
. fleets
. companies and professional drivers
. researchers (human factor, ...)
. road infrastructure experts
. ADAS and real time alert systems
. car manufacturers and future driverless systems

This manifestation was organized by MOV'EO Groupement ADAS.
Groupement ADAS is a cluster of high-tech SMEs focused on ADAS, intelligent mobility,
connected car, and Driverless solutions. One of those SMEs (NEXYAD) presented a 
product that reduces accident rate by 20% (SafetyNex). This product is deployed by 
Insurance Companies and xas selected by BMW (BMW Tech Date) in June 2016.

See some pics :