New HMI for the real time onboard driving risk assessment smartphone App SafetyNex
(for car safety)

SafetyNex warns the driver before crossing a dangerous area if the driving style (speed etc ...) shows that the driver clearly misunderstood the
danger. SaftyNex is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system.

SafetyNex reduces accident rate by 20%.

Ecrans SafetyNex 01


SafetyNex is a comprehensive aftermarket ADAS, developed by NEXYAD. SafetyNex also provides risk profiles and usage 
profiles to Insurance Companies : increase margin, develop new princing strategies (pay as you drive, pay how you drive, ...),
build prevention programs, help young drivers and seniors to reduce their risk.

NEXYAD is a member of MOV'EO Groupement ADAS.

To read more : http://www.SafetyNex.nex