After riding in Uber's self-driving car, I think Tesla will have some serious competition

Elon Musk

We got behind the wheel of Uber's self-driving car, and it's making us a little nervous for Tesla.

First, some context: Uber invited us down to Pittsburgh to try out the driverless car that it's letting a select few hail in the city starting Wednesday. The cars are in no way fully autonomous, which is why a driver and engineer will sit up front during the pilot.

But it's also a big milestone for driverless tech. Sure, people have gotten to experience semi-autonomous systems in their cars for a while now. (Let's not forget that things like automatic braking are technically advents in autonomy.) But the company that has arguably exposed people the most to driverless tech prior to this Uber pilot is Tesla.

Tesla rolled out its 7.1 software update in January, which offers safety features like automatic lane change and collision avoidance. Tesla's latest software update, Version 8.0, is slated to arrive in the coming weeks and will bring even more improvements to Autopilot. Musk even stated it will make Tesla cars three times safer than other cars on the road.

Tesla autopilot

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