The automotive industry is currently facing a three-part revolution. First, the engine rulebook is being rewritten in line with the ramp-up of electric motors and alternative technologies such as hybrid powertrains. Second, the automated car is enjoying accelerated development. And third, digital mobility is rising to prominence in tandem with car-sharing. These disruptions are taking place on an unprecedented scale. In these exciting times, with the car now representing the new frontier of the Internet of Things, Valeo has positioned itself at the cutting edge of change, and is proud to announce the world reveal of five major innovations at CES 2017 in Las Vegas: - Valeo eCruise4U - Valeo XtraVue - Valeo 360AEB Nearshield - Valeo C-Stream - Valeo Cockpit These technologies combine to form a new, more electric and therefore more environmentally friendly type of mobility, offering greater vehicle autonomy, improved comfort thanks to enhanced intelligence and better shareability thanks to extended connectivity. Given that the total number of vehicles worldwide is expected grow, Valeo is committed to making the car safer, more energy efficient and more automated while also equipping it with cognitive abilities. In short, vehicle usage and the driving experience are about to be totally reinvented.


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