CES 2017 overview by Auto tech review
BMW HoloActive Touch
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 is being organised from 5-8 January, 2017 at Las Vegas, US, and as always, the focus is on the latest global electronic trends and technologies. Following the event last year, this year too is expected to offer visitors a wide range of innovations from the automotive sector. The most conspicuous theme from both OEMs, as well as component suppliers is that of Autonomous Driving and the technologies that assist it.
The event will see over 850 new exhibitors, which will include a number of companies from the automotive arena, with an expanded Self-Driving Technology marketplace, as well. Companies will be displaying their autonomous driving technologies, in the form of concept vehicles, as well as demonstrations of gadgets that support self-driving. Component suppliers have announced that they will showcase technologies such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), vision systems and others that complement autonomous driving.
The BMW Group said it would be providing consumers with a glimpse into the future of interiors. It is debuting its BMW HoloActive Touch system, which is an interface between the driver and vehicle that acts like a virtual touchscreen. The system has a free-floating display that is operated using finger gestures and confirms commands with what the driver perceives as tactile feedback, the company said. The BMW HoloActive Touch is said to bring together advantages of BMW’s Head-Up Display (HUD), gesture control and direct touchscreen operation, and adds extra features to create a unique form of user interface. The system utilises a camera that detects the driver’s hand movements within the ergonomically user-friendly area, and registers the position of their fingertips, in particular. As soon as a fingertip makes contact with one of these virtual control surfaces, a pulse is emitted and the relevant function is activated.
Mercedes-Benz is demonstrating technologies at CES 2017 with the focus being on its CASE corporate strategy CASE, which links connectivity (Connected), autonomous driving (Autonomous), flexible use (Shared) and electric drive systems (Electric). The automaker’s innovations will link the megatrends of networking, autonomous driving, flexible usage models and electric drive systems. Under CASE, Mercedes-Benz will present the Concept EQ and the Mercedes-Benz Vision Van at the event. With the Concept EQ, which has the appearance of a sporty SUV crossover, the company provides a view of a new vehicle generation with battery electric drive. The Vision Van for urban use on the other hand combines innovative technologies for ‘last mile’ deliveries in an integrated system. Mercedes-Benz is also set to demonstrate the next steps on the road to developing the cognitive car, that shows how society's growing health consciousness can be combined with future mobility.