Driverless cars: the ultimate guide to self-driving vehicles

Tesla Autopilot

With car manufacturers competing to be the first to offer truly self-driving cars, we ask what the changes mean for the motorist

The race is on among car manufacturers to be the first to deliver a driverless car to the masses, but what does a self-driving, autonomous car future mean for the everyday motorist?

Will we ever be able to sit back and relax while our vehicle autonomously drives us to our destination, and who’d foot the bill if something were to go wrong? Experts have different views on these questions as well as the pace of change, but one thing’s for sure – autonomous tech is on its way.

Virtually every manufacturer has some sort of R&D programme under way and the UK Government is investing millions to make the nation an appealing test bed for the technology, with trials of autonomous vehicles already up and running.

• Mercedes autonomous cars will protect occupants before pedestrians

Auto Express has compiled this guide to driverless cars to give you all the information you need about the vehicles you could be driving well into the next decade. 

The autonomous roadmap

The word “driverless” is regarded by some in the industry as misleading because it won’t be many years until it’s actually possible – and legal – to have a car on the roads without a steering wheel.

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