Cisco Connected Fleet

According to ABI Research, global fleet management revenues will grow from $9.08 billion in 2013 to $27.61 billion in 2018. In the U.S. alone, more than 12 million fleet vehicles hit the road every day. These fleets keep our global economy running by delivering the products that enterprises and consumers rely on daily.

When an enterprise's vehicle fleet is not managed effectively, it not only increases expenses for that business, but also impacts pollution levels, the condition of roads, and the prices we pay for food, clothing, furniture, electronics, and just about every item we use at work and in our homes.

To increase fuel efficiency, reduce operating costs, comply with government regulations, and improve customer service, companies are relying more and more on new technologies. Vehicle telematics is at the heart of today's fleet management systems and is a convergence of telecommunications and information processing. Cisco is helping to transform commercial fleet management by providing highly secure and intelligent networking and mobility solutions. Cisco solutions, integrated with partner offers such as Davra Network's RuBAN Suite, deliver an end-to-end solution for effective fleet management.

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