The connected car will be a reality within a few years, as enhanced safety, economy and entertainment become standard features of most new vehicles. So how do the Chinese feel about the car of the future?

In this extensive global project carried out at the end of 2014, we interviewed 5,800 consumers in six key markets – China, Brazil, Germany, Russia the UK and the US – to find out what the future really looks like for consumers, automotive manufacturers and the wider supply chain. We asked Chinese drivers about their attitudes towards driving now and their thoughts about expected future innovations.

Chinese drivers are “happy” drivers but still have worries

Chinese drivers are the most positive about the experience of driving compared to other countries in our survey. Almost two thirds (62%) of Chinese drivers feel happy about driving and 70% describe themselves as “peaceful” behind the wheel. This is despite the fact that 40% of Chinese drivers spend more than seven hours per week behind the wheel compared to an average of 31% of drivers across all markets in our survey.

Despite this positivity about the driving experience, there are still pain points. Three of the top concerns for the Chinese relate to car safety and security. For 42%, being involved in an accident is their chief concern – followed by being stuck in traffic (36%) and breaking down (32%). Dangerous/aggressive driving behavior is also a worry for 30%.

There are some differences for Leading Edge Consumers – a group of early adopters and influential consumers. The research shows that for this audience, the cost of fuel and servicing and repairs is less of a worry. For “Vehicle functionality oriented” attributes, problems with navigation/GPS, breaking down and uncomfortable seating are more of a concern for Leading Edge Consumers, as is feeling tired when in the car.

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