ADASIS PROTOCOL FOR ADVANCED IN-VESince navigation systems are increasingly entering the vehicle, the available map data may not only be used for routing purposes but also to enable advanced in-vehicle applications. The area of potential features reaches from headlight control up to active safety applications (ADAS1 ). With the ongoing development of navigation based ADAS features the interface to access the so-called ADAS Horizon is of rising importance. In order to specify an industry standard interface for providing an ADAS Horizon the ADASIS2 Forum has been launched. The Forum is hosted and coordinated by ERTICO3 and constitutes of more than 30 key players of the automotive industry, including car manufacturers, navigation system and ADAS suppliers, as well as digital map vendors. A first version of the ADASIS protocol specification is already available and has been successfully tested and validated within the PReVENT project. Based on this experience the ADASIS Forum members are currently working on the next version of the protocol specifications. This paper outlines the ADASIS concept and describes the basic principles of ADASIS v2. Finally it introduces an application example: Adaptive Speed Recommendation.

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