NEXYAD : new release of RoadNex (camera-based road and free space detection)

New release available of the NEXYAD software module RoadNex : 

Road detection - RoadNex


RoadNex urban traffic

roadnex v2-2 desert track

. detection of the border of the road, even if there are no markings, even if the border is composed of
  objects (cars, pedestrians, motorbikes, construction area, ...)

. detection of the free space in front of the car

RoadNex is available on the following environments :

. Windows, embedded in the asynchronous real time framework RT-MAPS,

. Raspberry Linux

. Android


Efficient, easy to use, cheap, this module can enhance the efficiency of :

. Driving risk estimation (combined with another module of NEXYAD : SafetyNex)

. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

. Driverless car

Watch demo :