Driverless truck system will cruise Russian roads in 2017

Russia's Eduard Nikolaev, co-pilots Sergey Savostin and Vladimir Rybakov compete with their Kamaz truck during the 11th stage of the Dakar Rally 2013 from La Rioja to Fiambala on Jan. 16, 2013. Source: Reuters

Moscow-based Cognitive Technologies said it's ready to release a pre-commercial version of an advance driver assistance system with artificial intelligence, or ADAS, for Russia's KAMAZ truck.

ADAS qualifies as Level 1 according to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), which means that it can detect road signs and warn about a possible collision with another vehicle or pedestrians, as well as easily change lanes. This is only the beginning, and the system will be improved.

Level 2 ADAS assists a driver with the control system, including braking and staying in the same lane. The SAE standard has six levels of automation, from fully manual operation (level 0) to a fully driverless vehicle (level 5).


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