The next frontier for telematics? ~ connected bicycles

Bicycles are the newest sector for telematics with connected solutions emerging to offer telematics services and active safety assistance to riders. Connected Cycle systems and services have been developed by Vanhawks, Velo Labs and Qoros.

Vanhawks ~ active safety, connectivity, crowd-sourced data


The Vanhawks Valour bicycle incorporates integrated technology for advanced personal safety. Valour’s turn-by-turn navigation keeps your eyes on the road and your hands on the bar. It uses low energy bluetooth to connect to your smart phone for directions. LED indicators signal as you approach your next turn.

Integrated haptic feedback in the handlebar grips alert you by vibrating of any object in your blind spot ensuring your safety so you can ride comfortably.

On-board sensors measure your calories burned, distance traveled, speed, best times, and much more. Sync your mobile device with your bike before or after the ride to track your progress. At launch, we will have an Android, iPhone and Pebble app.

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