Autonomous cars: a big opportunity for European industry

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Connectivity on the fastlane Beyond connectivity-enabled functions, an autonomous car will understand its environment and the passengers. It will also “learn” to react and adapt to different situations during the entire driving process. More innovations coming to the vehicle Autonomous car implies the capability of a car to drive partly or fully by itself, with limited or no human intervention. Three primary functions can be fulfilled :

. Safety: Ability to sense and alert the road problems and automatically take in-time actions to prevent potential accidents. Today’s safety packages generally refers to Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS). It covers features such as automatic braking, collision protection, and emergency assistance. As the technologies get mature, ADAS will soon become part of the autonomous driving package.

• Connected car features: Telematics and infotainment services that exist today within cars having connectivity features. The objective is to improve the car’s operation. Remote car lock/ unlock, optimized fuel consumption and entertainment will be among the basic services. Those packages will be offered in the form of subscriptionbased services, aftermarket systems or simply through smartphone apps integration.

• Autonomous driving: Capability of automating the activity of driving the car. Features will include adaptive cruise control, self-parking, highway autopilot and more. It is commonly accepted that the automated driving could be framed at six levels as showed below, with regard to howthe system plays in the dynamic driving tasks on a sustained basis.

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