This year in self-driving car news started with Mayor Bill Peduto hoping for a better relationship with Uber and ended with policy recommendations from Carnegie Mellon University students on using autonomous vehicles to improve access to public transit.

In between, the city’s self-driving scene grew by two. Ford invested $1 billion into Pittsburgh self-driving startup Argo AI and Aurora Innovation launched, bringing the number of autonomous vehicle testers in the city up to five — Aptiv (formerly Delphi), Argo AI, Aurora Innovation, CMU and Uber.

But there’s still a way to go before we’re all multitasking as our cars drive themselves. For one thing, laws need to be created. And the technology needs to get there, too.

“What is really important to acknowledge is there are still people in the car, they are still testing, it’s the very early phases still,” said Jackie Erickson, a founding member of the Pittsburgh Robotics Network.

So what will happen with self-driving cars in 2018? The Incline talked with the companies and industry experts to make four new year’s predictions.

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