Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) for Motorcycles ?


The “thing” that made the Smart Turn System the very best self-cancelling turn signal module in the world became the foundation for the future of motorcycles in traffic.




Are advanced driver assistance systems future? One of the main goals of our company is to become a leader in safety gear for motorcycles that will not only make your ride smarter but also to achieve higher standards of communication in traffic. SInce our core business and development are oriented in two-wheelers movement that we can track in real time with unprecedented accuracy, we are developing motorcycle equipment with added value and usability that was not possible before.


Many existing solutions to specific »problems« available on the market these days are not performing to the rider’s expectations. While some solutions only remind you of a problem or are solving it only partially, we devoted ourselves to make a difference and to develop motorcycle gear that will come up to rider’s expectations and will address existing issues entirely.


Our first step towards advanced driver assistance systems was the Smart Turn System, the worlds best self-cancelling motorcycle turn signal module that can outperform the aftermarket buzzers, timers and flash counters and it also exceeds the factory built in systems integrated by the giants of the motorcycle industry as well.


Here is a chart with the comparison of the ability to detect the most basic  manoeuvres in traffic of existing self-cancelling turn signal system with the Smart Turn System:





As we are riders ourselves, we are very aware of the importance of being visible while on the road. HI VIS gear is a must have nowadays, but what can you improve on the motorcycle itself? I’m sure you heard of head and tail light modulators. The main feature of those modules is to make your head or brake light flash with different patterns which result in the better perception of other traffic occupants.


People tend to perceive changing patterns better than the ones that are constant. While the different light-flashing patterns aren’t something that requires much of a technology and upgrades, we quickly found a very important, but until now, empty space in this segment, especially while braking. By this, I don’t mean braking with your front or rear brake, but braking with the engine.


Every rider knows that braking power of the engine is much greater than that in the car and the velocity of the motorcycle can decrease quite rapidly when you release the throttle. In these occasions, the breaking light isn’t going to be activated at all, and neither will the brake light modulator.


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