Common car Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems and the impact on your car insurance

Driving safely

In a recent article, we took a look at car safety ratings and their impact on insurance. Truth be told, in many cases when people start looking for a new car, especially those with a family, the vehicle's safety will be among the most important things considered. In recent years we have seen smart technologies employed in cars with increasing frequency, especially when it comes to safety. Here we take a look at the most commonly requested car safety tech features, and the impact they might have on the cost of car insurance in Hong Kong.

The most popular car safety features

Let's face it, the days of roll-down windows, straight steel bumpers, and single-airbag cars are gone. These days, car manufacturers have implemented a seemingly never-ending list of safety features, many powered by modern "smart" technologies. When combined, these safety-oriented technologies are referred to by governments and manufacturers as Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). Together, these systems aim to make not only your car, but also road driving, even safer.  

Here are some of the most popular ADAS features people should consider when looking for a new vehicle.

Collision warning/avoidance systems

Most new vehicles have a variety of sensors around the body of the car that monitor the surroundings and road ahead/behind. One of the features that uses the data generated by these sensors is the collision warning/avoidance system. If the car judges that you are about to run into something it will either sound an alert or take action to stop or swerve the vehicle out of the way.

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