Soon, NEXYAD will transform your ordinary car into an intelligent car using ... your smartphone

NEXYAD developed 4 algorithm for intelligent connected car :

. SafetyNex, system that alerts you while driving if and only if driving risk is too high
. RoadNex, system that detects free space (drivable part of the road ahead)
. ObstaNex, system that detects obstacles
. VisiNex, system that detects lacks of visibility (fog, snow, ...)

All those modules are available to OEMs as API to be integrated inside valuable products (driving assistants, ADAS, AD - Autonomous Driving), and NEXYAD made them all run in real time into a regular smartphone ... You'll have all the high-tech in your pocket and will only have to plug it in front of your windshield, and drive !

So your smartphone will be soon you best assistant while driving !

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