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If you constantly find yourself fascinated by the latest technological gadgets hitting the marketplace, have you ever considered becoming one of the people who designs and creates them? This week is Computer Science Education Week, which is the perfect time to explore exciting career options like becoming an IoT developer.

The Internet of Things has been a dream of many companies and individuals for years, but it’s only just beginning to really take off, making now the perfect time to consider making a career out of your passion for connected gadgets. In 2017, the number of connected devices will finally outnumber people, at 8.4 billion—and that’s just the beginning. We’re only now scratching the surface of what’s possible with IoT.  Becoming an IoT developer takes a lot of hard work, and it’s a lot easier if you have the skills and aptitude to succeed in the field. If you’re thinking about getting into IoT development, read on to find out what skills, abilities, and training you’ll need.

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