As the auto industry evolves beyond simple one-time software deployment, it’s time to develop end-to-end cyber security solutions.

Increasingly complex automotive systems pose serious development and security challenges. Today’s vehicle system engineers are faced with millions of lines of code – many times more than the average passenger aircraft. At the same time, a growing number of features and functions are being placed on a single electronic control unit (ECU). The resulting complexity of consolidation and mix of critical and non-critical functions makes for a demanding environment.

"Pursuing hardware-based separation is often a non-starter for new automotive designs because manufacturers want fewer central processing units (CPUs) in the car, not more"

It’s an environment that Green Hills Software has been navigating for the past 30 years. Software created with the Green Hills Platforms for Automotive is found in millions of vehicles on the road today, and the company claims to be the largest independent vendor for embedded software solutions. During its three decades, the core objectives have remained relatively steady – cut manufacturing and development costs, speed up time-to-market, maximise product reliability and optimise product lifetime in the market. However, the specifics of its approach have been refined and reshaped by emerging trends.

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