5 Companies Working On Driverless Shuttles And Buses

As an alternative to building fully autonomous passenger cars, a number of private companies are working to field self-driving electric shuttles and buses.

Momentum in auto tech is at an all-time high, with investors funding private startups in the field at a record pace. Of course, much of the buzz has revolved around autonomous driving software, with startups like Zoox seeing $200M funding rounds, tech corporates looking to capitalize, and major automakers working feverishly to catch up.

Validating the reliability of fully autonomous vehicles will be no small feat, with RAND estimating that tens or hundreds of billions of test miles might have to be driven to properly gauge their safety. While many players are meeting this challenge head-on, a number of other startups are also developing autonomous tech for more focused applications.

Using the CB Insights company comparison tool, we compared five such private companies that are working to field different types of autonomous shuttles or buses.



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