An Autonomous Car Roadmap for Suppliers


Autonomous vehicles, with their promising pilot programs and enormous potential, make headlines in business and technology news every day. Self-driving cars and trucks promise to dramatically change the economics of nearly every industry, and it seems likely that eventually many people will no longer feel the need to own a car or even know how to drive.

However, the path to this driverless future is more complex than a first glance might suggest. Fully autonomous cars are likely to remain a small-volume market for some time. In the interim, assistive technologies will play a much larger role in the industry, as drivers come to rely on technology that guides them and supports their driving decisions. Mastering these new technologies will be essential for automakers and suppliers, and doing so will help build the capabilities they will need to deliver reliable, autonomous cars. The implications for top-tier suppliers are that they will need to play in two closely related but distinct segments:

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