If I have to choose between flying cars and self driving car, which one should I choose?

Flying cars are unlikely to ever become a reality.

First, cost. Aircraft cost typically $200,000. A flying car would be at least that expensive, if not more. remember, it has to have a full set of everything a car needs, then it needs a full set of everything an aircraft needs.

Second, license, you need a pilot’s license to fly one. That costs typically $8–12,000.

Third, weight. Aircraft have to be very light to fly, and adding all the parts to make an aircraft also work as a car makes it too heavy. See duplication in #1 as well.

Fourth. Maintenance. ALL maintenance and repairs on aircraft have to be performed by FAA certified mechanics. They do not come cheap. In addition, many things on aircraft have a limited lifespan, like engines. Most have to be replaced or overhauled at 2,000–2,500 hours. The going rate to rebuild a 4 cylinder aircraft engine is $20,000 to $27,000.

Fifth, insurance. It would be incredibly expensive. Imaging getting into a minor accident in a parking lot. The repairs are going to be staggeringly expensive, see #4.

In reality, it’s cheaper to drive to the airport, fly to your destination in a real aircraft, then rent a car at the far end.

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