Smart, Social and Autonomous

The automotive industry is undergoing rapid transformation because of changing demographics, lifestyles and new ownership models. An avalanche of intelligent technologies such as ADAS, in-vehicle electronics, autonomous driving features and rapid innovation in the ecosystem are redefining the pre-purchase, driving and transition experience. 


There are a number of key trends that will influence the connected vehicle market in the next 3 to 5 years including the following ones.

  • Extreme personalization: It is either personalize or perish and human-centered design is key
  • Exponential growth in bandwidth & ubiquitous connectivity: Moore’s law applies as much to connectivity as it does to computing. Analysts predict data velocity of 350 MB/sec by 2017
  • Changing business models: Car-sharing, on-demand services are adopted rapidly and will challenge existing ownership paradigms
  • Rapid ecosystem innovation: Availability of vehicle related data through on-board diagnostic (OBD) port is revolutionary and has fueled massive opportunities for after-market players
  • Data will be the competitive edge: Analysts predict that upto 75% of connected car services will be fueled by big data. 

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