The Rise of the Automotive Voice Assistant

The debut of the Amazon Echo in late 2014 is what really brought voice assistants into the home, making it easy to turn on lights, play music, get the latest news report, check traffic and control just about every type of connected device with vocal commands from anywhere in the house. The Echo was successful because it just worked, simply and seamlessly.  You could be twenty feet away from the Echo and say “Alexa, play Bob Marley” and just like that your room would be filled with sweet reggae music. Customers loved it, giving Amazon a huge advantage in the market which the company subsequently leveraged to create a large portfolio of products all centered around Alexa voice control. These products such as Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Look as well as the 3rd party devices which have integrated with Alexa’s open ECHOsystem, appeal to a large range of customers across multiple price points. Google quickly followed suit with the Google Home, followed more recently by Apple’s HomePod.


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