The future of fleet management in the face of automotive innovation

When fleet and leasing management software company Sofico first came into existence 30 years ago, motor vehicles were manufactured with a manual choke and Petrol in many countries across Europe was less than 0.5 Euros a litre. 

A lot has changed since then, not least the number of vehicles on Europe’s roads, congestion in towns and cities, environmental concerns and the total cost of vehicle ownership. That said, Piet Maes, CTO, Sofico freely admits these are the most exciting times in which to be employed in the motor industry. Sofico will present valuable insight into the added value offered by fleet management software, now and into the future, at a Corporate Expert Session at the Global Fleet Conference 2018 on 29th May 2018 at 5pm. Here’s a taster:

You’ve been around for 30 years, how has the business of fleet management changed in that time? 

The focus has shifted from the asset (the vehicle) to the customer and driver and from offering the same products for everyone to made-to-measure solutions for individual customers. In terms of systems, we’ve gone from specialist retail finance and leasing to hybrid. 

Thirty years ago the focus was on lower operating costs and this was achieved through back office automation. Now, there’s no longer such a distinction between back, middle and front office, it’s all integrated into one value chain.

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