NEXYAD presenting a disruptive approach of real time driving risk assessment for car insurance, fleets, ADAS, autonomous driving

The CEO of NEXYAD was a speaker in the car electronics congress CESA Automotive (5th and 5th of December 2018, in Versailles, France).

The presentation was about the major difference between ADAS and Autonomous Driving mindsets, even if the skills (sensors, fusion, ...) are quite the same.

In particular, was presented the graph tree of driving situations :

graph tree of driving situations


Then it was explained that "anticipation" could be translatd into "not taking too much risk", and that there are 2 ways to cope with driving risk :

. Driving risk as an implicit variable that is "minimized" in a deef forward computing system based on scenarios analysis : for every case, engineers defin "the best response", that implicitely minimizes risk.

. Driving risk as an explicit computed variable : then it is possible to apply iterative minimization of risk methods, without using the approach of scenarios.

This changes everything for :

. ADAS and Autonomous Driving robustness

. ADAS and Autonomous Driving validation

. Value chain revenur sharing : indeed, in the value chain, car insurers and fleet managers can gain profits if risk is an explicitly computed variable. THen the automotive complete value chain may use driving risk as a communication tool too, in order to share revenue coming from safety improvement.

Know more with CESA proceedings soon available :