Autonomous Driving Challenge


The Autonomous Driving Challenge is a competition aimed at students with technical background in robotics that are going to develop future car technology. The participants develop fully automatic driving functions and the necessary software architectures. The important thing is that this development is applicable and scalable to real-life autonomous driving algorithms and provides students with the ability to have a part in creating this mobility concept for the future.

The project will officially kick-off in May, when the students will receive their model cars and get immerse in a two-day Techpills from robotic experts to ensure that all participants have an equal starting point. Then, students receive 1:10 scale model cars built at FU Berlin and feature an integrated CPU unit, a set of sensors and equipped with integrated LINUX Robotic OS Library systems.

The student teams will have 6 months to develop their software solution that will eventually allow the cars to autonomously navigate a road course. During this time, they will receive mentoring and perform intermediate tasks to ensure their development along the way. All this in an innovative and interactive environment connected with other teams through the Driving Challenge website and Slack Forum.

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