Positioning of HMI (Human Machine Interface) in ADAS development

In ADAS (Advanced DrivervAssistance Systems), human and in-vehicle systems jointly drive cars. Therefore people and cars need to form a smooth communication. Therefore, in designing and developing ADAS, the concept of HMI (Human Machine Interface) is important. HMI is a protocol that human beings and machines communicate intention and information.

1.HMI determines the difference between ADAS and Autonomous Driving

ADAS is a support system for human beings driving a car, and Autonomous Driving is a concept that automobiles run autonomously. It is in the point that whether the subject of driving is a human or a system determines the difference between Autonomous Driving classified into ADAS which is Autonomous Driving level 2 and level 3 or higher. Because the subject of driving is human, ADAS must accurately inform the driver of the state of the car and the necessary operation. On the other hand, in Autonomous Driving above level 3, the subject of the operation becomes the system, and as the level goes up, the number of elements that the car conveys complicated information on driving operation to the driver decreases. HMI design is exactly an important concept unique to ADAS.

2. Human-to-car information transmission in ADAS is based on the definition of Human Factors

In order to study HMI elements in ADAS it is important to define Human factors which are synonymous with ergonomics in a broad sense. For example, it is necessary to define the operation such as steering wheel and brake pedal so that the operation of a car when driving a car can be safely and economically operated. When the machine (car) detects the defined human (driver) 's behavior, the command transmission from human to machine is done.

3. Cars to human communication in HMI

 Conversely, when communicating from machine to human, it transmits through visual, auditory, tactile and so on.
In order to make the information transmitted from the in-vehicle system misunderstand or confuse human driving behavior, accurately recognize it without giving a negative influence and make effective use of ADAS function, it is necessary to use an interface such as audiovisual information. Attention and ingenuity are necessary for its design.