Computing onboard, in real time, the risk that the driver is currently taking

There is a software component called SafetyNex that can compute onboard (and not on the cloud), in real time (and not on a back office server one week after), at each moment (i.e. 20 times per second), the risk that driver is currently taking.

This driving risk is computed with anticipation.

The software component is called SafetyNex, proposed by the company NEXYAD (We Save Lives).

If driver is a human being, it has been shown that alerting driver a few seconds before a potential emergency reduces accident rate by 20%.

If driver is an Autonomous Driving (AD) system, then it is obvious that this AD system will be much safer if it is "aware" of the risk it is taking (it can modulate speed, decision, ... in order to keep risk under a max value).

In order to understand what driving risk really is, you can watch this short anime video :

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Markets of such a software component are :

. Motor insurers : trucks, motorbikes, cars, ... Reducing accident rate by 20% is a big value.

. Fleets : same

. Vocal Driving Assistants : those impressive Artificial Intelligence assistants that discuss with driver in natural language can be much more efficient if they are aware of the current driving risk : they can alert driver of danger, thay can change the way they interect with driver depending on the risk driver is currently taking.

. Autonomous Driving (AD) systems : AD system can modulate speed and decisions in order to keep risk under an acceptable value. This opens the door to real LEVEL 5 of autonomy.

To read more contact NEXYAD via Groupement ADAS blog :