Waymo and Tesla, Same Goals Different Paths to Level 5

Waymo and Tesla both have the same goal toward fully L5 driverless self driving cars, but they differ in approach from a design and engineering philosophy. Elon Musk relies on computer vision systems that use a combination of ultrasonic, radar and camera devices. Waymo on the other hand use a very fundamental device among driverless car makers and that is LiDAR. Elon believes Tesla can rely on it’s sophisticated hardware with AI software while Waymo implements LiDAR at the heart of it’s systems. While Uber has tarnished the image of self driving cars recently, Waymo and Tesla are way more advanced and have a better track record. Unfortunately Uber doesn’t and it also affected their relationship with Volvo for providing them the XC90, a great SUV. The other important part of making self driving cars more successful is the data gathered from road tests.


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