Aftermarket Autonomous Driving

The most critical advantage autonomous vehicles can provide you with is the potential for zero accidents and injuries during drive time. Purchasing a completely autonomously driving vehicle may not be within your reach or budget right now, but you can take advantage of the technology that is currently available and affordable.

At Auto One, you can find vision systems and driver assistance systems that will enhance your driving safety. Some of the options you have to consider are:

  • Rostra Precision Controls offers a RearSight® Automotive Rear View Backup Camera System – use this blind spot detection system to alleviate the stresses of backing up
  • Bosch offers Automatic Park Assist – a technology that can automatically move your vehicle into and out of parking spaces – with or without you in the vehicle.
  • Alpine offers a Multi-View Camera Expansion Kit – this technology serves as your reliable parking assistant. With this three-view mode multi-view camera, you’ll be able to easily get in and out of tight spaces.

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