Now for two-wheels SafetyNex computes onboard at each moment the riding risk that the rider is currently taking

Then it becomes the only software component that computes onboard, in real time, at each moment, the risk that the RIDER is currently taking. This new version comes after 2 years of the collaborative research project BIKER ANGEL of the National French Research Program FUI.

Reminder : it is when Driving behaviour is inappropriate to Driving context that the risk appears.

Contrary to what many people think :

. there is no inherently Dangerous area (recording black spots is doomed to Failure)

. there is no ingerently Dangerous Driving behaviour (recording severe brakings and lateral accélérations is doomed to Failure)

. 75% of accident is explainable by a Driving behaviour that is inappropriate to INFRASTRUCTURE shape and functionality (althought almost 100% of Automotive Engineers are focused on mobiles detection). Two-Wheels market is huge market (more than 20 million new vehicles in India every year, …). SafetyNex on its way to spread the world.

Link to the project (French Spoken) :