Tech Trends 2019: Driverless Cars, Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality


It’s a new year, which mans a new set of predictions for the next 12 months in the tech world.

While of course no one has a foolproof crystal ball, there’s a lot of hype and excitement/optimism for big-idea tech like autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and augmented and virtual reality to make big strides this year. We may even begin to see these technologies substantially affect our daily lives.

Autonomous Vehicles Will Really Hit the Road

The beginning of 2018 rode in on a wave of hype for autonomous vehicles, with Alphabet’s Waymo well on its way to launching a driverless taxi service in Phoenix, AZ, and Uber having spent the previous year busily logging millions of test miles with its own fleet of self-driving vehicles.

But as the year played out with several autonomous vehicle accidents and fatalities making the news, many of the big players in driverless car development pressed pause for a bit while they took time to evaluate their algorithms, systems and hardware. 

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