ROI of car and truck telematics deployment : disruption

Now there is a buzz about telematics devices and onboard smartphone Apps, even Dashcams, with applications to fleet management, motor insurance pricing, etc. Features are geolocation, predictive maintenance, eco-driving scoring, driving risk assessment ...

Illustration SafetyNex for Fleets and Insurers

All those features may bring a Return On Investment (ROI), but in the long term only. And long term (a few years) is not easy to predict. It is one reason why we hear so much but we see few real large scale deployments.

Taking that into account, NEXYAD decided to mix two approaches :
. telematics for data recording
. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) to help driver and reduce accident rate (proactive tool)

This is the aim of the software component SafetyNex : SafetyNex computes ONBOARD, AT EACH MOMENT, the driving risk that the driver is currently taking. This driving risk is predictive of emergency situations and possible accident. Then when you ALERT driver because driving is a little too high, you help him or her to anticipate a danger, letting time, for instance to SMOOTHLY slow down, to come back in the safe driving mode.

How do we do that ? We compare actual driving behaviour to expected cautious driving behaviour in regards of context (kind of infrastructure, presence of school zones, vulnerables, ...). If driving behaviour is inadequate to context, then SafetyNex calls it a "driving risk" and it is possible to alert the driver.

Studies showed that this "simple" (15 years of official collaborative research programs on Artificial Intelligence) tool can reduce accident rate by 20% :
. less accident (repairs and replacement)
. less personal injuries
. less number of day far from work
. less fatalities

This result is immediate, and this is how you can calculate your ROI : what is the cost of every item above ? you can save 20%.

Easy and trustable.

SafetyNex has been validated :
. 50 million km of technical validation
. customers : big insurers, car electronics, and mobility service companies have integrated SafetyNex API into THEIR products and they are currently starting to spread the world.

Of course, SafetyNex allows to record data : validated (by actuaries) risk profiles, usage, ...

A big disruption in telematics : instead of only recording risk, you act on it and help drivers driving safer.

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