Vodafone Idea and Hyundai AutoEver India partner


Vodafone Idea and Hyundai AutoEver India (HAEI) have signed an exclusive partnership for Connected Car Services with Hyundai Blue Link Technology

Vodafone Idea is one of India’s leading telecom service providers and Hyundai AutoEver India is an automobile sales internet company and is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group.

The companies signed exclusive partnership for the India debut of Blue Link Connected Technology with the recently launched Hyundai VENUE – Smart Connected SUV for a range of connected services including Safety, Security and Vehicle Relationship Management Services.

The partnership of Vodafone Idea and Hyundai AutoEver India will enable Hyundai cars, starting with SUV Hyundai VENUE with Advanced Connected Car Functionality.

The companies believe Vodafone Idea’s expertise in automotive connected Technology will help Hyundai deploy a strong, first-of-its-kind, connected solution in Indian market with integration of eSIMS with Voice, 3G/4G data, SMS, Secured APN service and API integration.

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