About ADAS (Advanced Driving Support System) and AD (Autonomous Driving)


2. Positioning of ADAS in Autonomous Driving

ADAS is generally positioned at level 2 of Autonomous Driving . This means that the driver is the subject of decision making.
In other words,when an accident occurs the driver is responsible, that is,humans.

3. Common points between ADAS and Autonomous Driving

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and AD ( Autonomous Driving ) are useful for extracting useful information from various sensors such as in-vehicle cameras and radars that sense information on the outside world, and data measured by sensors.There are many common technologies such as ECU, steering, accelerator, brake, etc, which controls the drive part of the car. ADAS development leads to the development of AD as it is.

The image at the time of advancing ADAS development is to take measures to "eliminate the cause of accident" or "minimize or minimize the damage". On the other hand, since Autonomous Driving is assumed to be unmanned and the system will operate, it is necessary to clear the safety standards beyond human driving. The fact that equipped with highly functional control equipment capable of Autonomous Driving makes ADAS functioning when driving a human being a very high standard.

4. Difference between ADAS and Autonomous Driving

The fundamental difference between ADAS and Autonomous Driving is the location of responsibility for driving.
Among levels 1 to 5 of Autonomous Driving , there is a responsibility to humans up to level 2, which is ADAS.
At level 3, if the operation can not be continued, the driver responds and becomes the main entity, but basically the system has the subject, it becomes Autonomous Driving .

In both level 2 and level 3, the system may perform the driving operation of the car such as accelerator, brake, steering, etc.
However, Level 2 is the driver who is the driver's main body, Level 3 will depend on human's correspondence condition,
When the system is controlling a car, the subject of driving is the system.
And beyond level 4, the driving is completely complete system is the subject of driving.

If you are responsible for humans, it is the same as previous driving, but if accidents happen under the system entities of level 3 to 5, it is not clear who will take responsibility for the system at present. In Japan, the location of responsibility in the event of a car accident will be considered from criminal, civil, administrative viewpoints, but the current system and law presuppose that human beings are driving, and there is no driver,we can not deal with Autonomous Driving .