Tesla said its cars will be self-driving by 2019. We’ve heard this before

Elon Musk stood up in front of a room of investors today (April 22) to announce the era of the self-driving car had arrived—at least for Tesla.

At “Autonomy Investor Day,” the Tesla CEO unveiled it had developed its own self-driving chip designed specifically for Tesla vehicles, and it would launch a “robo-taxi” service for owners of autonomous cars to pick up paying passengers. 

It’s all part of an updated master plan. While Tesla’s first roadmapwas to build a sports cars, then a more affordable car, and finally a mass-market vehicle (today’s Model 3). Musk now has autonomy on the top of his list (not to mention a semi-truck, pick-up track, solar roofs, and massive expansion of manufacturing capacity—some of which are months, or years late).

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