Visibiity measurement, road and obstacle detection : what is the differentiation of NEXYAD algorithms

NEXYAD is the leader of real time computind with their technology SafetyNex.

SafetyNex is not an ADAS system, it is an anticipation one : without detecting anything, just know where you drive, can you know what cautiousness rules of driving you should follow. SafetyNex is a real time coach that computes in real time the driving risk that the driver is currently taking.
. if driver in a human being, it has been shown that SafetyNex alert (when risk rises a little too much) reducs accident rate by 20%.
. if driver is an AD system (self-driving vehicle), then this AD system can be "aware" in real time of the driving risk it is actually taking. This allows engineers to make an AD system that becomes "adaptive to risk", a major feature for level 5 autonomy.

But NEXYAD also proposes 3 add-on modules based on computer vision :
. VisiNex that detects problems of visibility : for detection, heavy rain detection, snow storm, sand storm, dust storm, etc
. RoadNex that detects the road and especially the free space
. ObstaNex that detects obstacles : cars, pedestrians, etc

What is the differentiation of those 3 computer vision solutions ?
. they are software components that customers can integrate into their application software on their hardware (including their camera)
. they can run on a regular microprocessor such as a modern Qualcom chip 1.3 GHz 8 cores.

It makes a real difference because it allows a deployment for aftermarket dashcam at market price.